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primary is two days away. but much of the political focus has moved south to south carolina. this week on "newsmakers," chad connelly of the south carolina republican party. could the nomination be wrapped up in south carolina? >> we have been the eventual predictor of the republican nominee since 1980. i think this will be decided in south carolina once again. >> given your governor's endorsement of mitt romney and her current approval ratings, what has been the effect of that endorsement? >> mitt romney had the biggest turnout that he has had when governor niki haley went with him. based on the response he has already, it will be a big thing. >> let's turn the questioning over to jeff of the new york times. >> the contests in iowa has already happened. the primary in new hampshire will has happened. do you believe the race, once it arrives there, will ratify decision from -- the decision from iowa and new hampshire? >> we are looking forward to having you down to south carolina and we are looking over to seeing you at the motor beach debate. i have been surprised at how people have b
'm paul gigot and we're live as south carolina voters head to the polls, capping off what could only be described as the
to work well in south carolina. at the end of the day, i think people will be very surprised about new hampshire. i think we will send a strong message to the country. he is the right one for the job. >> thank you for letting c-span invade your home. we will have a real air of some of the weekend debates and ardent coverage from the course of the day, all available at the website. a full day tomorrow and then our coverage on tuesday evening with a simulcast of the abc affiliate, one of our partners in new hampshire. speeches by the winners and losers. and at new hampshire. all the available on our website. >> more details on the new hampshire primaries tomorrow morning. we will hear from kentucky senator rand poll about his father's campaign strategy. and judd gregg will share his insights into the mitt romney campaign. that is "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> it really want to see the candidate, the road to the white house political coverage takes you on the campaign trail. >> i am pleased with the crowds we are seeing. pretty exciting. >> go to town halls, campaign ral
it out in new hampshire last night and now on to south carolina, mitt romney celebrating his big win here by kicking off his south carolina campaign today. in new hampshire romney coasted to victory winning 39% of the vote. ron paul came in second at 23% and jon huntsman who staked his whole campaign on new hampshire was in the bottom three percent. can they slow romney's march to the nomination. we have chris here with us, and david, washington bureau chief. >> what we know from the exit polls, what is on the voters mines of the republican party, and as they move to south carolina, we have seen interesting developments, newt gingrich going nuclear on mitt romney, and perry, rick are perry again today going up against mitt romney's whole background. what is the impact on the republican electorate? >> i can guarantee you that calls have already been made to people affiliated with gingrich and perry saying wait a minute, what are you doing is not helping your cause, you are hurting romney and giving the obama campaign more material. i do think there's very much a sense, andrea, even more so
in south carolina. >> make a list of every person you know in south carolina. >> a fight for the soul of the republican party. >> you should all fight for freedom. >> and the future of the nation. >> you know, tonight, we celebrate. tomorrow, we go back to work. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. new hampshire has spoken. and tonight, the republican race for president boils down to one question. can anyone stop mitt romney? romney won new hampshire commandingly. taking 38% of the vote. and the former massachusetts governor demonstrated resilience and staying power, after a week of fierce attacks from his opponents, aimed partly at his record at bain capital, the massachusetts investment firm he ran for 15 years. what does new hampshire mean? here's anchors diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. >> that's right, terry. what a win it was tonight for governor mitt romney. we should point out who came in second and third in this race, as they poured it on in new hampshire, the candidates all did. and behind mitt romney was congressman ron paul. and behind him, jon huntsman, governor jon
. the"costa concordia." and elaine quijano with a piece of south carolina history on view for the first time, nearly 150 years after going down during the civil war. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> pelley: good evening. the polls will be closing in just half an hour in the first republican presidential primary in the south. and what happens in south carolina tonight could shake up the race for the g.o.p. nomination. here's why. a poll that came out just before the voting began today showed newt gingrich had opened a 14-point lead in south carolina over the national front-runner, mitt romney. gingrich with 40% to romney's 26%. when we asked south carolina voters today when they made up their mind in this fast-changing race, more than half, 53%, said they decided just today or in the last few days. we have a team of campaign 2012 correspondents covering the south carolina primary. first, dean reynolds in columbia with the gingrich campaign. dean. >> reporter: scott, i talked to the former speaker today, and i can tell you, he is brimming with confidence and
they are doing the democrats' dirty works. that's how he's going to push back in south carolina. >> they're buying ads there in south carolina. newt gingrich and the team are buying ads there, to try to take him on one last time. we have to point out, terry, you may have heard from david muir, that the family went to "mission impossible" today. he took the whole family to the movie today, as if to say, let's vault over the impossible and on to south carolina. terry? >> on to south carolina, diane, with a great big target on him on to south carolina. thanks to diane and george. >>> we want to turn now to abc news anchor, david muir. he's live at romney headquarters in the campaign. he bought a house in new hampshire. he was running there in 2008. he ran there this year. and finally tonight, victory. it must be awful sweet for him. >> reporter: so sweet, terry. make no mistake about it. this was a huge night for the romney campaign. they needed this night. they had that win in iowa. the sliver-thin victory of eight votes. then they came to new hampshire next where they were ahead in the po
to be in carolina in the morning ♪ >> and with regards to south carolina, last time i came in fourth, so, you know, our team recognizes this is going to be a challenge. >> republican presidential front runner mitt romney is in south carolina fighting to win south carolina's republican primary, coming up on january 21st. that's a saturday, about one week from now. four years ago in that 2008 south carolina presidential primary, the momentum was against him, and he came in fourth. this year, he appears to have the big mo. why? one, organization. romney's ground campaign is mighty and motivated by a likely big win. two, cash. romney has in cash $19 million to use for advertisements. more than any other competitor. three, endorsements. key south carolinaly politicians, notably the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, romney is now 18 points ahead of his closest competitor, rick santorum who, by the way, narrowly lost to romney in the iowa caucus. now in south carolina a week away romney is polling at 37%, santorum 19%. romney is 19 points ahead of the third place candidate, newt gingrich. gingrich
is back. two days out from the south carolina republican primary, and look at this. look at this. four new polls out today show newt gingrich now opening up the narrowest of leads over mitt romney in south carolina. the republican-leaning rasmussen poll has two points, the democratic-leaning has gingrich up by six points. another up by one point and insider advantage has him up by three. newt gingrich has been surfing a wave of momentum in south carolina ever since his debate performance there on monday night. and today, what was already looking to be a very good week for newt gingrich turned into a great week for newt gingrich. endorse anybody when he dropped out of the race today. most of the early reporting today, in fact, was he was not going to explicitly endorse any of his rivals. and frankly, this is unsolicited advice for the governor, but it probably would have made you more valuable going forward if you withheld your endorsement for awhile, but in the end, newt gingrich won the rick perry sweeps stakes today, mr. gingrich also got a big endorsement today from the other perceived
of "the situation room." the polls close in south carolina less than one hour from now. i'm wolf blitzer at the cnn election center. we're counting down to the first results and maybe, maybe a winner in this critical contest. we have the most crews in the most locations, including our correspondents over at the candidates' anderson cooper is here along with the best political team, analysts in the studio and in the field. right now we have breaking news. we have the first exit poll information from south carolina, straight to cnn's john king, he's working these numbers for us. tell our viewer what we're learning. >> most important thing, wolf, south carolina following iowa and new hampshire, this is a much more conservative state, much more influence of evangelical he voteders. among those voting in the south carolina primary, 64% joy themselves as born again evangelical christians. that is up a bit from four years ago, it was about 60% then. so strong influence tonight from evangelical christians. we didn't have a tea party four years ago but 2010 when the tea party sprung up it was imp
information from south carolina, straight to cnn's john king, he's working these numbers for us. tell our viewer what we're learning. >> most important thing, wolf, south carolina following iowa and new hampshire, this is a much more conservative state, much more influence of evangelical he voteders. among those voting in the south carolina primary, 64% joy themselves as born again evangelical christians. that is up a bit from four years ago, it was about 60% then. so strong influence tonight from evangelical christians. we didn't have a tea party four years ago but 2010 when the tea party sprung up it was important in the governors elections and other elections across south carolina. 66%, two-thirds of those voting in today's south carolina presidential primary say they support the tea party, 25% neutral on that question, only 8% of voters oppose the tea party so evangelicals, tea party, a conservative electorate in south carolina. only 2% of those voting describe themselves as liberal, 37% say they are very conservative, 32% somewhat conservative. we have a 1re67 more cvery much conserv
the state, making their final appearances just hours before the polls close in south carolina. and in the mad dash to the first in the south contest, the candidates have made more than two dozen campaign stops within the final 48 hours, from bobby's barb cue to tommy's country ham house, trying to sway south carolina voters their way. >> please make sure that everybody you know goes to vote. i need the vote of every conservative in south carolina today. >> this could be real close. i want to encourage you to get out and vote in the primary today. and i would love to have your support. you guys are the very best. how many people have already voted? all right! >> win tonight, governor? >> sure hope so. >> nervous much, mitt? there's good reason for that. though he's all smiles with the clouds, mitt romney is facing increasing scrutiny and tightening polls, and the reality of what would have been unthinkable just a week ago is sinking in. romney could lose the most crucial primary of this campaign so far. indeed, arriving in south carolina, romney appeared unstoppable. the appare
! >> but no time for celebrating and popping the cork because it's already off to south carolina now where everything could change. one candidate preparing to make a major speech this morning and they're saying no consequences. they don't care about him. >> meanwhile, the vice president taking a reasonable approach to mitt romney's firing comments. >> romney said, you know, i like firing people. in fairness, that was probably taken a little out of context. >> oh, really? wait until you hear what joe biden said next. oh, no, say it ain't so, joe! ok? didn't quite finish. plus he's the reason she's a free woman today so why is casey anthony giving her attorney jose baez the pink slip? we'll discuss. "fox & friends" starts now. >> live from studio e the post-game show of what happened last night in new hampshire and yesterday. welcome aboard, folks. >> 60 minutes will be 45 minutes late as we wrap up the events. >> we have four hours today looking over on the big board, kicking off with three guys who want to be your president,, mitt romney, ron paul and rick perry. >> what about them? >>
dreams. ♪ >>> in south carolina, history in the making. could this be the most pivotal day for republicans in the run for president in 2012? >>> neck and neck, the latest polls show a see saw race between newt gingrich and mitt romney. today one event that could make this day even more unique. saturday morning cartoons, that super pac is out with a new ad and ask a man behind the commercial whether it's doing more harm than good to the gop. >>> from southern exposure we have a live report on how bad it might get. good morning. welcome. it's 9:00 a.m. on the's a east t and 6:00 a.m. out west. the four remaining candidates are crisscrossing south carolina as voters head to the polls today for the first primary in the south. today's vote caps off a wild week where two major candidates dropped out of the race. a salacious interview with newt gingrich's ex-wife was aired and potentially game changing debate took place after which newt gingrich rose in the polls and romney fell. nbc's peter alexander is in columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: there has been a dynamic shift with
this saturday, january 21, 2012. south carolina's primary is under way and it is seen as a potential game changer. there are signs the game could be changing. an american research group poll out today shows newt gingrich surging ahead of mitt romney. 40% of south carolina's likely primary voters according to this poll say they would vote for gingrich. romney falls behind to just 26%. mid-week gingrich and romney were in a dead heat. south carolina is a big state but somehow this morning both gingrich and romney campaigned at the same greenville restaurant at the same time. but romney avoid ad showdown by arriving 45 minutes early and leaving just minutes before gingrich actually showed up. stay right here we'll have a live report from south carolina in a moment. >>> also this morning firefighters contained a 3,000 acre wildfire burning near reno, nevada. flames destroyed nearly 30 houses. about 10,000 people had to leave their homes but evacuation orders were lift ad couple of hours ago. investigators think they know what caused the fire. they say a man came forward yesterday admitting th
on to the wire. carl cameron is live in colombia south carolina. you are in the state's capital, is there anything the candidates can do to change minds? >> reporter: not necessarily to change minds but getting people to the polls absolutely. they look like they have to be working it hard. they is stunts on election day particularly in south carolina where they are lovers of baseball. in this particular case. gingrich and romney were scheduled to go at tommy's hangout. that was certainly symbolic, greenville and upstate is where the conservative votes are. gingrich needs a strong turnout to have a successful evening and come out on top tonight. romney went there, when they found out a scheduling conflict at precisely the same time, they said they would go there and have the intersection of the two campaign trains. if there was collision, so be it. mitt romney came in early and got out 15 minutes before gingrich showed up. and first thing out of his mouth where is mitt. i thought we would have a debate today is not only the primary, 15th anniversary of the day that newt gingrich
, it's south carolina where everything could change. now, mitt romney goes for it big in new hampshire. and ron paul comes in second. and former speak of the of the house are duking it out. and in new hampshire, everything could change in south carolina. so keep your television on. it's getting rougher out there tonight. governor rick perry called governor romney a vulture capitalist. not pretty. but first, a big victory for governor mitt romney in new hampshire. here is what governor romney said a short time ago. >> we believe in that shining city on the hill. we know that the future of the country is better than 8% or 9% unemployment or $15 trillion in debt. better than misguided promises of the last three years and failed leadership of one man. the president has run out of ideas. now, he's running out of excuses. tonight, and tonight... tonight we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he runs out of time. now, the path i layout is not one paved with ever increasing government checks and cradle to grave assurance that
is already in south carolina getting ready for that. let's go to mitt romney headquarters right now. candy crowley is watching what's going on. he delivered a pretty powerful speech tonight, victory speech, in new hampshire and it follows his victory. albeit by a very, very tight margin but so far candy, two for two. >> he is. and you know, if the romney people could have scripted this evening, it could not have gone any better for them. he had a good and solid first place, and running a distant second, ron paul, really the candidate they feared the least, the man they don't think will ever be acceptable to the main stream of the republican party. those that they original thought were a threat, way back when in iowa, newt gingrich, rick perry, gone down in the 10%, perry even far less than that at about 1%. this was a bounce they wanted going into south carolina where they really believe looking at the poll said as we all are, romney is ahead. they believe he has a very good chance of coming out on top in south carolina. which is why, wolf, when you listen to mitt romney, he's not really t
those vowing to stop romney in south carolina. he's right here to answer republicans who say attacks on the frontrunner's business record are over the line. just wait until you see governor perry's backdrop. a plot worthy of a spy model. a bomb attached to the car of an iranian nuclear scientist who's dead tonight and nobody knows who did it. >>> the fight for the republican nomination roared into south carolina today, and with its full cast of characters. mitt romney's easy win last night in new hampshire didn't convince any of his rivals to drop out. instead they now insist south carolina is january 21st primary will be a real race, not a coronation. cnn's jim acosta caught up with rick santorum in south carolina. >> this is a long process. half the people who voted yesterday weren't even republicans. so the idea that he's wrapped up the republican nomination because he won by eight votes in iowa and he won his home state is just silly. >> are you going to challenge his record down here? >> we're going to challenge everything. >> team romney knows those challenges are coming. their
is celebrating a big win in south carolina. >> the biggest thing i take from the campaign in south carolina is that it is very humbling and very sobering to have so many people who so deeply want their country to get back on the right track. >> speaking of the right track, mitt romney is hoping to find it in florida. we'll get voter reactions from the next big campaign contest about what happened in south carolina. >>> despite some immediate ra reports to the contrary, joe paterno is alive but in serious condition this morning. we'll get an update from state college, pennsylvania. >>> we start with what was a runaway victory for newt gingrich in the south carolina republican presidential primary. look at these numbers. it was a double digit win. 12 percentage points for the former house speaker. easily beating mitt romney. rick santorum came in third place. ron paul in fourth. now, check out this cnn exit poll. there were many that thought newt gingrich's past would hurt him with women voters. especially after his second wife came out last week talking about newt. but that wasn't the case i
guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. and it is the south carolina primary. we are here because problems seem to be spreading everywhere. this is the very latest. we are getting news on the debate that mitt romney was. he will indeed attend that gop debate set for monday in tampa, florida. there was a concern that romney felt he was overdoing it and newt gingrich was bettering him in the debate and why push it. he's going to do that. he might need an extra one if early indications that newt gingrich could have a good day today. the battle for south carolina is costly. tv advertisement is 10 million and much over the last two weeks. ron paul telling me that south carolina is important. it is not do or die for him. 20 percent of the south carolina voters are said to be undecided. >> you have probably watched the battle back and forth for the heart and soul of the comment . what a former wife's comments made of newt gingrich and the team he may or may not be getting. herman cain knows that personal issues come up and change the race quick leap. yours were unprove exten did
race so far, especially as it relates to newt gingrich. he is clearly on a roll here in south carolina, but his personal past might slam on the brakes. newt gingrich stepped off the bus today with a big endorsement, surging poll numbers and right into questions about his personal life. >> help me better wrestle with that topic. >> i've been very open about my life. i've been very open about the mistakes i made. i've been very open about needing to go to god for forgiveness and to seek reconciliation. >> reporter: on a day when the gingrich campaign seems to have new traction with the striking distance of mitt romney in late polling, backing of rick perry, the marital record could put that momentum on the skids. gingrich's second wife marianne who has been sharply critical of her ex-husband in the past, claims in an interview on "night line" that he asked her to share him with another woman, gingrich's third wife callista. >> he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> he wanted an open marriage? >> yeah. that i accept the fact he has someone else in his life. >> it comes a
changes the tenor of the primarys it moves into south carolina. >> when we get to south carolina, this is going to be a blood-letting unlike anything we've seen before. >> this is where things get really ugly. >> strap yourself in. >> i think it's going to be a bloodbath there. [laughter] >> jon: it's okay, mr. tickles. that lady looked legitimately scared. about what was going to happen in south carolina. how different can it really be? well, we'll show you. here's the advertisements newt gingrich was running in iowa. >> some people say the america we know and love is a thing of the past. i don't believe it. working together, we can and will rebuild the america we love. i'm newt gingrich, and i approve this message. >> jon: why wouldn't you? that's a fictional country anyone would want to live in. and here's the advertisement newt gingrich is running in south carolina. >> romney appointed a pro-abortion judge, expanded access to abortion pills. romney signed government-mandated health care with tax-pair funded borings.Ñi he can't be trustedful >> i'm newt gingrich and i approve
for me in south carolina. i came in fourth last time. i would love to come in first, but we're making progress. >> that's what he told me yesterday, and what about ron paul and rick santorum? are they already looking beyond south carolina? and good day. i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington back from south carolina and polls are open in the state that has picked the republican presidential nominee in every election since 1980 and mitt romney is now acknowledging what only days ago was unthinkable. he could lose to newt gingrich today. chris alisa is managing contributor, and eugene robinson is a pulitzer prize-winning columnist for "the washington post" and the south carolina's "native sun." what is the vibe today because the momentum anecdotally seeps to be in newt gingrich's direction and he has the more enthusiastic supporters. >> first of all, the vibe today in charleston is wind. you picked the right day to go home. it is that it's probably newt. everybody at this point expects him to finish first in the primary and with the as terrific that south carolina sometimes delivers su
without a victory in south carolina. and, tonight, is shaping up to be a very good night for former house speaker newt gingrich, south carolina, could turn this race upside-down, once again. >> megyn: we have complete coverage of tonight's primary with our panel, here in new york. in washington, chris wallace, karl rove and joe trippi, bill hemmer will break down the results throughout the state and the fox news decision team crunching the numbers will make the call when we have a winner. >> bret: we start with martha mccallum monitoring our exit polls. >> good evening, you guys. we knew newt gingrich would make a strong run at mitt romney and that is what we are seeing in the polls. polls in south carolina, still open, but we can start to tell folks exactly how people are responding on their way out of the polls, we have seen a huge upheaval in the race in recent days, boy the mud-slinging, ex-wife tories astories and tax and the question is what do viewers think? how did it factor in? just over half say they decided the vote in the last few days, nearly half decided before that and ging
to the finance line in south carolina. battle drawing to a dramatic close on what is a big primary day for the paw met oh state. voters are heading to the polls making making up their mines. mitt romney was up by double-digits but recent polling shows that newt gingrich is gaining ground. i'm gregg jarrett. >> harris: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. after a rollercoaster week anyone can guess who is victorious today. >> gregg: candidates are making their final pitches to the voters. >> with your help i can be the nominee and we can take america back. >> i have a very clear message but i'm challenging the status quo. the rest of the candidates are part of the status quo. >> we are putting together a national campaign. longer it goes on the better it is for the republican party. >> i've been in a lot of companies in my life. position are good but votes are better. [ applause ] >> please make sure that everyone you know goes to vote today. >> gregg: our chief political correspondent carl cam von live. so you crisscrossed the state from
support in new hampshire and south carolina tonight. and then michelle parker vanished on november 17th. her mother out front with a plea. and stephen he could bare. last night on his show he flicked and then flushed me. i have a number of problems with that. let's go out front. >> hello, i'm erin burn the and mitt romney begins a battle in south carolina am it's five days until the primary in new hampshire, right? that's where the massachusetts governor has a solid lead. so where he decided to spend most of the day was south carolina. >> i want to restore to the america the principles that have made us the power house morally, economically, and militarily in the entire world. >> romney, his pal john mishg ca mccain and nicky hayley were there. the primary is january 21st. the palmetto state has the highest concentration of he van gellic all voters in america. nearly half the population identifies themselves as evangelical. in iowa, 44% of ivevangelicals voted for rick santorum. but here's what's amazing. we don't know if romney made end roads with the christian right in south carolina
from new york, it's a slug-fest in south carolina. the entire presidential race could blow wide open. mitt romney -- this guy can't get this tax thing squared away. newt gingrich is on a roll coming on strong. this is "the ed show," let's get to work. >> i'm appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> newt is slamming the media. now he's the south carolina favorite, and mitt romney still is dodging questions about his tax returns. >> i don't know how many years i'll release. i'll look what our documents are. >> we'll have full analysis of last night's debate with msnbc political analyst richard wolffe and bob shrum. >>> it's showtime at the apollo for the president. ♪ i'm so in love with you >>> stephen colbert is on the campaign trail. >> i want to thank senator deminute wd demint, who was a maybe. >> goldie taylor, steve benen and jimmy williams here to break it down. >>> middle chase millionaire, mitt romney actually said this. >> someone who has lived in the real streets of america. >> that is landing willard in the zone. >>> yesterday, romney l
, when you want. >> as we head into the south carolina primary, this week on "newsmakers" we talk to the ethics and religion professor of the southern baptist convention. he and other conservative christian leaders are meeting over this weekend to talk about the gop field and deciding about which candidate they get behind. let me begin with this meeting and what is the goal? >> welcome i believe there is considerable and remorse on the part of a lot of evangelicals and other social conservative christian leaders. they did not try to unite behind mike huckabee earlier when it could have done more good and make a difference in his race against mccain in 2008. they want to try not to repeat that mistake this time. a look at the iowa caucuses and they see that if you take gingrich, santorum, bachmann, and. together, they doubled mr. romney's vote total. he won in the primary because of the division amongst the conservative candidates. there are too many and they are dividing the social conservative vote. what is going to happen in texas is that we are going to try really hard to discu
perry, gone down in the 10% perry. this was bound they wanted going into south carolina where they really believe looking at the polls as we all are, romney is ahead. which is why, when you listen to mitt romney, he is not really talking about his republican opponents. >> we know that the future of the country is better than 8 or 9% unemployment. and the failed leadership of one man. the president has run out of ideas. now he is running out of excuses. tonight i am asking the people of south carolina to make 2012 the year he runs out of time. >> two wins in a row. two very different evenings. iowa was a very, very flat sort of celebration here. there was energy in the room. you could really feel that in terms of the one thing a lot of people thought mitt romney was laughing. he was able to get it here and he can use it to steam himself towards south carolina. >> all eyes will be in south carolina. john huntsman third this is an important win. that number could go up. >> could go up a bit. mitt romney is doing well. let's echo candy's point. this was an impressive win for mitt
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